Spotify Free Premium Accounts ID Password 2021

Spotify Free Premium Accounts: Spotify music app that has proven to be the best app in this tree you know what I think is amazing about Spotify is their music catalog, they prepare a play rest according to your taste in music.

The music streaming industry became very competitive there’s at least a dozen popular service notably Amazon music, Apple Music, Google play music those are pretty big companies. Yet somehow Spotify this seemingly random company from Sweden is beating all of them with a very similar service Apple music is there, the main competitor.

Spotify is becoming the most favorite app among teenagers who likes to listen to music while they are having their works or something else.

This app is basically parted into two ways first is the free version of Spotify and the second is the premium version of Spotify.

In the normal version of Spotify, there are lots of ads that became a problem in listening to music where its premium has its own benefits.

Today we are gonna take a look at all the benefits of Spotify Premium.

Should you plank down that money and sign up for a premium subscription of Spotify or are you better off sticking with the free version we are gonna kind of dig into what you get with the free account and it will help you to make a decision for yourself as to whether or not you want to spend your hard-earned money on this subscription.

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So before talking about subscriptions latest talk about the limitation of the free version of Spotify:
  • The main thing is you don’t get to skip songs or pick the order in which your song is played so if you want to play an album it’s gonna shuffle it.
  • There is a playlist that gives you full control over skips and over the order you play the song.
  • The super annoying is that you are gonna get ads blasted while you are listening to music so you can’t really like you are trying to use the music as a way to zone out while you are working in and just have something on and all of a sudden you hear ” hay there why you want to buy this thing.” It totally takes you out of the zone and takes you out of the music.
  • So most people that probably gonna be the deal-breaker with the free version of Spotify what is the paid version is that adds the ways Spotify way does it is just ruining the listening.

Whereas the benefit of the free version of Spotify is that you do get access to the entire Spotify library you don’t have complete control over the said library as mentioned but you do get all the songs on your fingertips which is pretty crazy when you think about it.

 • You only get 6 skips in one hour.

Spotify Free Premium Accounts
Spotify Free Premium Accounts

Benefits of premium :

So if you do elect to sign up for premium the biggest thing you are going to get rid of is all the ads which are huge you can literally just play music all you want.

You are gonna get the ability to skip as much as you want, songs play, make a playlist share playlist, all that good stuff, and listen to it as much as you want without having to worry about any of the shenanigans that came along with the free version.

• You also get much higher quality music you get up to 300 and 20 KB. On the free version, you don’t get access to a higher quality of audio.

• On the paid version you also get the ability to download music and take it with you everywhere you go listen without using data.

The best feature of premium is Spotify connect, what is Spotify connect?

Essentially what this does is let you listen on one device and control it on another you can switch back and forth between the device so you can be playing it on your phone quickly pic where you left off on your PC and vice versa. Kind of a cool feature.

If you are a student studying in university or School it’s the best offer for you to get a premium because Spotify also gives a discount to student subscribers.


All the fantastic features of Spotify premium you will enjoy after paying for the subscription. This is the biggest drama like some people don’t want to pay but also want Spotify premium on their phone. So here we are here to help you we provide some accounts with passwords through which you can sign up into Spotify premium and enjoy its unlimited features without paying for it.

First, you need to follow some steps before signing up for the premium.

1. First if you have Spotify app on your phone you need to uninstall it and then download the Spotify premium app.

2. Make sure you enable the button download for unknown sources in your phone settings.

3. Download the Spotify premium app from Google Play Store it varies with the device if you are having iOS the link will be different for downloading the app.

4. Once you have done with downloading install the app on your phone now enter the given account details given below.

Spotify Free Premium Accounts and Passwords

NOTE: The point to be noted before login user should not change the password if you change the password you won’t be able to sign up for the premium.

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