One Thing to Avoid at Business Meetings

One Thing to Avoid at Business Meetings:  So do you dread meetings?

Well, remember meetings and conferences put you in front of the coworkers and Bosses with whom you don’t work on a regular basis.

So the way you conduct yourself in front of them would leave a lasting impression. So, that exactly this article will help you to learn some etiquettes that you need to follow when you are attending conferences and meetings and what you need to avoid in the business meeting.

According to studies in just seven seconds you can make your impression in a very good way or in a very bad way.

One Important Thing to Avoid at Business Meetings

Thing to Avoid at Business Meetings
The thing to Avoid at Business Meetings

1. Way of handshake

So this is very important that how you shake your hand when you meet your colleagues in a meeting. It will give the very best impression if you shake your hand confidently and formally. You should be shaking your head and not more than for 2 seconds.

2. Wrong position for your hands

People often have a habit to tap their hand their finger on the table and just put their hand in the wrong position during a meeting. Remember if you put your hand in the wrong direction and in around position your colleagues will think that you are being rude to them endorphin wants to control them. Every country has its own attitude of sitting position and hand position for meetings and conferences.

3. Continuous eye contact with someone

It is said that making eye contact will give the most killer impression of the people you are talking to in a meeting. But according to studies never make continuous eye contact with someone when you are holding a meeting or a conference. People with continuous eye contact are sometimes referred to as a creep.

Always keep in mind never Mega continuous eye contact with someone just looking toward everyone one by one this will give a very good effect on everyone and shows that you are paying attention to each and everyone present in the meeting.

4. Unnecessarily touching your hair

If you play with your hairs wild in a meeting you could be sending long messages to your colleagues and Boss. A person who plays with their hair looks unconfident anxious and uncomfortable.

5. Securing someone’s personal space

Never invite someone’s personal space when you are in a meeting. Always remember your relationship before occupying someone’s personal space. There is a certain distance for everyone.

6. Distracting everyone by making noise

Advantage point in everyone’s life we have always been in a meeting for one’s where one of the colleague or person always make noise understated everyone from concentrating on their presentation. It’s a very important point to remember never to make such distracting noise like tapping your fingers on the table drumming your Pan etc.

7. Constantly checking your phone

24/7 we are occupied with our social media and phones. The same goes with a meeting if you are in a meeting, never use your phone and constantly check your phone between the meeting. It will show that you are not paying attention to everyone and also so I break your concentration level.


So here are some points that you should avoid during your meeting as if you want to make your impression long-lasting and best over your colleagues and boss.

Always try to remember the name of your colleagues because it’s especially humiliating if they remember yours. To steal clear of this awkward situation get into the habit of immediately repeating someone’s name after you have been introduced.

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