Top 5 Android Apps: Must For Every User

Top 5 Android Apps: Apps are like the heartbeat of the smartphone. Every feature, function in the mobile is linked to the app whether it is sending messages, sending emails, alarm anything it works on these.

It’s the most important mobile. Without these, the phone looks like a dead bud which is useless in any way. So today we are here to tell you the most used and famous Android apps in the world which had created a monopoly of their in every mobile phone.

Top 5 Android Apps
Top 5 Android Apps

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Top 5 Android Apps: Best List for 2022

Let’s talk about them and provide the information and the work they provide to their users.

5. Whatsapp Messenger

WhatsApp is the Indian Startup that was further acquired by Facebook and how it opens under the head of Metaverse (the new name of Facebook). This platform gives you the features of Video calls, Chat Messages, voice calls.

They had also introduced new features of getting payments done and sharing live locations with the contacts. It’s all free to use. You just good network connection to use. You can also form groups to talk and send Or receive any multimedia etc.

  • The rating of this app is 4.1 /5
  • There are about 5 billion downloads worldwide

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4. Snapchat

It is another platform for the message. This is one of the most secure apps under the head of privacy. Snapchat is also famous for its photo filters. Various types of filters do miracles to the jobs.

Snapchat sends the notification to the person if anybody takes a screenshot of the chats. In this, we can hold streaks by sending one photo to the person we want to do. In this, we can call also.

  • The rating of this app is 4.3 /5.
  • 10 billion-plus downloads are there.

3. Netflix

This is the most viewed OTT platform for watching web series and movies either Bollywood Or Hollywood. This app had a different fan base in teenagers. There are about 160 memberships all over the world. We can run 5 profiles from one account.

  • The rating of this is 4.4 /5
  • 500 million-plus downloads are there.

2. Instagram

This is another messanger platform but a bit wide and famous. This also offers calls and messages along with the stories and posts of anything you would like to. This is also owned by Metaverse (Facebook). You can also promote your products and brands here and also follow your favorite stars and actors.

  • 4 /5 held in rating
  • 10 billion-plus downloads

1. Linkedin

This app is for job providers and seekers. Here you can see most of the professionals and students who connect for exposure and opportunities in their careers. This app is widely used over the globe.

  • 4.5 /5 rating
  • 5 billion-plus downloads.

This is all about the Top 5 Android Apps.

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