Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones: 2022 Top List

Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones: Gaming Headphones are getting famous these days. You can find it with every gamer because gaming headphones are a must. Many companies made this with various features.

If you want to do gaming and are confused about which Headphones I should buy then don’t worry we are here to solve your problem. We had made a list of the top gaming headphones for our readers.

Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones

Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones
Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones

Let’s talk about the headphones and pick your new gaming headphone from the below list:

Razer Black Shark V2

This headphone is a wired headset with an affordable price and mind-boggling sound quality with many features. It is so easy to use. They use various drivers of 50mm with Razor Triforce Titanium. For connectivity it is 3.5 mm, USB soundcard is also there. This set is lightweight with 250gm.

The frequency is about 12Hz- 28000Hz. Apart from this, they have the features of Noise Cancelling Mic and also cable controls. It is so comfortable and gives great audio. Its price is about 100 dollars and also had a wireless variant of 180 dollars. You can try this because of its great style and pocket-friendly.

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Hyper X Cloud II Wireless

These headphones are also of great quality. This company has a legacy in its products. It has fully furnished inbuilt quality. They had features of sound quality with high bass. They have a long comfort over high and long gaming sessions. It is totally wireless and has drivers of 53mm, dynamic also.

The USB dongle is the connection portal. It has a frequency of about 15-20000 Hz. It gives about 30 hours in one charge. It has the feature of a detachable mic. Despite many features, the price of the product is not so high and can easily be afforded.

Epos H3

This headphone had an awesome design. This set has a marvelous frequency of 15-30000 Hz suitable for listening to music and games. It has a wired product with drivers of 40 mm and is dynamic.

It has a bidirectional mic with Dolby Surround. The design and feel are really good. Microphones are also awesome. The price is a bit high but worth buying.

Steel Series Arctics 9X

These headphones are wired but don’t recognize when you are using them. Its Bluetooth compatibility is so good and suitable for phones. The life of the battery is about 20 hours. The design is set by them in a way that you feel like a feather.

It is wireless with a 40 mm driver. Frequency about 15-22000 Hz. Noise Cancelling Mic with 7.1 surround. Solid gaming audio. The price is quite high about 200 dollars.

Razer Kraken X

These headphones are the cheapest one at 40 dollars. Comfortable and had good features according to price. Great audio and 7.1 surround. Design is quite old but in respect of price, everything goes down.

Hope you like it, this is all about the Best 5 Gaming Headphones of all time.

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