Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify: Best of All Time

Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify: Today Everyone is looking for something which has some positive impact on their life. And Podcasts are something that gives us healthy and positive vibes. These Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify will change your life forever. In the world of a busy environment, everyone wants quick and easy things to get in.

Today we will see the Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify which everyone should listen to. So note down these Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify.

Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify
Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify

Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify

Ranvir Allahbadia:

In the list of Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify, the very first name that comes to mind is none other than Ranvir Allahbadia. The journey of his podcasts begins when no one is really interested in podcasts. There is literally anyone some years backs who used to listen to his podcast. But I believe that his podcast really inspires everyone. And It is the most recognizable podcast in India and comes exclusively on Spotify.

After the arrival of Ranveer allahbadia in the podcast industry, there are many other podcasts that come in but it is even now gold. If you are really like listening to podcasts you just consider it. Following are the topics that he used to talk about in his podcast:

  • Spirituality
  • Media Industry
  • Content Creation
  • Self-growth
  • Innovations and development
  • Future
  • Businesses
  • Meditation

The Happiness Lab:

In the list of Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify, the second one is a real gem popularly known as the happiness lab with Dr. Laurie Santos. Dr. Laurie Santos is someone like the godmother of happiness. She is a professor at Yale and there she has taught the most popular class ever which is positive psychology. So she has expanded the topic a little further by creating her own podcast. And in each episode, she breaks down step by step what we can do to create a happier and more positive life. So a podcast cover topic like

  • mindfulness,
  • does money make us happier and
  • how can I deepen relationships with the people around me and
  • what find so cool Podcast besides the fact that she’s really entertaining and
  • the podcast is really well made.

Making Sense:

In the list of our Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify, the very next that we recommend is Making Sense. Now if you don’t know some Harith you should definitely check out some of his books. But as a quick summary, he is best known for being a big fan of meditation, neuroscience, and for arguments. Apart from these he also makes an awesome podcast. The format is really pretty loose which you enjoy its long in-depth conversation.

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Philosophize This:

In our outstanding list of Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify, the very next is Philosophize This. Now granted this is a little bit of dark horse and it’s a very new podcast. He is clearly very knowledgeable about philosophy. Have ever wonder

  • what exactly Aristotle’s viewpoints were and
  • how they were different from Plato’s
  • would you enjoy knowing more about the teaching of Buddha or
  • maybe you are more onto modern philosophy and
  • everything about philosophy.

The TED Talks:

In the list of Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify, the last but not least is The TED talks. Have you ever watched a TED talk and after 10 or 15 minutes you felt like you actually really like to hear more from that speaker. And in the list of Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify it is really awesome, let him expand on that topic well in that case the tenth interview is for you. It is a podcast where the head of Ted Kris Anderson interviews some of the most prominent speakers.

Naturally, the talks of one of the Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify revolves a lot around science and culture but you really enjoy 10 minutes TED talks. And this is freaking awesome so much knowledge available for free whenever you want and at ease. This is the awesome list of Top 5 Podcasts on Spotify, hope you all will love and enjoy it.

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