Top 8 Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic

Top 8 Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic
Top 8 Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic

Today I will let you know the Most Wanted Ways/Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic. These tips are very Effective and every good blogger uses this. In my blogging experience, I got that these are the things that can really help you in increasing traffic.

Google Calculates these things and your site comes on top. So, definitely, traffic will increase in a great number. I would be guiding you for increasing blog traffic.

Top 8 Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic

1) Content

The Articles that you have Published should contain Quality Content Material, this can help you in delivering an excellent effect regarding your website to be able to visitors in addition to assisting in making loyal viewers who will constantly come back.

Stop grammatical problems as part of your threads. Know that the actual display of your respective content is obviously ideal. Do not copy someone’s Posts and Try to publish your own Content. Because Content is the king in eyes of Search Engines and Humans as well. It is the best thing for you to increase your blog traffic.

2) Commenting on Famous Blogs

If you want to increase income links to your blogs (Backlinks) and Google Search Engine Rankings. You should comment on blogs. I suggest commenting on blogs that have enabled the “Comment Section”.

It will help people and search engines reach your blog. Search Engine Spiders, as they will be crawling on that Famous Blogs and will find your blog’s URL in their blogs. So, they will increase your rankings in Search Engines.

3) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is actually the principal element that plays a significant function in improving your traffic to your Blog. Your Articles/posts should be SEO Friendly; they need to be associated with an ideal time-span with the proper search phrases applied strategically.

Search engine ranking is the greatest section of improving traffic to your articles/posts. This too assists in increasing your google page rank therefore in the event google page rank increases, this means that your traffic increases by means of a large amount.

4) Make your Blog Mobile Friendly

You must make your blog Mobile Browser Friendly because many people use the Internet on your Mobile/Cell Phones. So it is necessary that you should make your blog Mobile/cell phone Friendly.

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5) Regularly Updating your Blog

As I mentioned before in my other Article.That it is a must that you update your blog on daily basis. Many of the people lose their huge traffic due to this update. Google defines that blog as inactive.

So if the blog is inactive it would never come on top of Search Engines. Try to post articles daily and check your blog stats on daily basis.

6) An eye Catching Blog Design

This is also an important thing about increasing traffic. A blog that would look pleasant to blog visitors would be visited again and again. It is a great way of attracting blog Visitors.

7) Use of Social Networks in increasing Traffic

It is a must that you make a page of your blog on Facebook, and a Twitter account of your blog. And share all new posts on Pages and Twitter. Many people are getting huge traffic by applying only this method.

8) Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best way to increase quality backlinks and Search Engine Rankings. One must use this thing if he/she wants to come on the first of Google Search Results.

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