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Top Korean shows like Squid Games 2021

Top Korean shows like Squid Games: Date September 17, 2021. The whole world was interviewed by a game show. Where many people who were in debt were gathered in one place. They have nothing to lose. But if beat each other, and go ahead, you will win a lot of money. You must have seen the story of this game and its participants by now.

All about Squid Games

Or else your friends will be constantly behind, that the man should watch ‘Squid Game’. Haven’t seen such a show. The whole world adopted ‘Squid Game’ in a way that Netflix itself did not expect. This series brought the biggest opening for Netflix. Also, the worth of the show has also reached around 900 million dollars i.e. about 6000 crores.

This show on Netflix has turned out to be the most popular Korean show in America. Hollywood stars El Fanning and Leonardo DiCaprio are also Jabra fans of the show. It is not that the craze of the show is limited to the West only. According to media reports, the demand for red hoodies in India has increased since the show.

Top Korean Shows like Squid Games

After ‘Squid Game’, the situation is such that the public is searching and watching Korean shows. Such combativeness towards South Korean cinema was seen earlier during ‘Train to Busan’. But that too was less than now.

Well, today we reduce your hard work. Let us tell you about those 9 Korean shows that you should watch with immediate effect. Because we will also tell how you can watch these shows sitting at home.


Top Korean shows like Squid Games
Top Korean shows like Squid Games

If you search ‘Hellbound’ on the Internet, then many articles will come in the result at once. Like Hellbound Explained, Hellbound Ending Explained, etc. If Explanation articles or videos start being made after the show, then understand that the show has become a hit. And now people are just flowing the Ganges of their own interpretation.

Released just two months after ‘Squid Game’, this show has put the world’s most popular game behind. ‘Squid Game’ was at the top of Netflix for the last 43 days. But not anymore. Now that place has been taken by ‘Hellbound’.

The people of the earth are the road to hell. In such a situation, they start hating each other, they end it, so that they can get the mercy of God. Roger wrote in his review that this series asks us how we define sin and what we humans deserve from God.

 Law School

The show opens with a murder. Which happened in a law school. The person who died was a university professor. For some reason, the needle of suspicion goes to Professor Yang. They are arrested. But something shocks his students, they are not ready to believe that Professor Yang can do something like this.

That’s why they start searching for the truth in their own way, and those answers come in front, they unravel the loopholes of the legal system. Further, the story is not limited to just the murder of the professor, it also introduces us to the legal system of South Korea. You can stream all the episodes of ‘Law School’ on Netflix.

| FUN138


Writer Lee Soo read this line and created the character of Hwong Xi Mock. How is an amazing prosecutor? Absolutely perfect. Almost because he had brain surgery in his youth, after which his sense of empathy became impaired. Empathy is that condition when you can understand someone’s feeling, but cannot share it.

Lieutenant Han Xin assists her during her investigation of a murder case. As the two dig deeper into their investigation, they find someone trying to stop them. Whose strings are found by going through corruption in the government system? There have been two seasons of ‘Stranger’ so far, which you can stream on Netflix.

Crashlanding on you

There is no need to tell how are the relations between South Korea and North Korea. In such a situation a scandal takes place. When a girl from the royal family of South Korea goes out paragliding. I wish she could have landed by paying 100-200 more, but it doesn’t happen and she reaches North Korea. If anyone was seen across the border, the results would not have been favorable.

In such a situation, he gets an army officer, who does not hand him over to power. Rather, he keeps his identity a secret, so that he can keep him safe. What the two have to face during this, this is the main plot of the show. By the time the show ended, it had broken the rating charts by that point. The public liked the show so much. For the rest, you can watch the show on Netflix.

Sky Castle

Sky Castle is a residential community where the elite class of South Korea lives. For those people, the only thing that matters the most is to somehow get their children admitted to top universities.

They believe that the children of doctor parents will also become doctors. The entire show revolves around the parents and the children, the stubbornness of the parents, and the sacrificing of the children.

Sky Castle trailer and Outline

This drama series also tackles issues that seem simple but complex like parenting. Whoever is rich or poor, everyone looks the same in their homes. The battle to get your kids into the competition arena.

If you watch the trailer of the show, you will be disappointed, as the trailer fails to do justice to the plot. Watch the rest of the show, there will be no complaint. ‘Sky Castle’ is the second-highest-rated show in Korean cable television history, which you can stream on Netflix.

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