Tricks for Recording Noise Free Video in Android

Tricks for Recording Noise Free video in Android: So you just have captured an amazing video on your phone, but you can’t post it because of all that background noises and you really don’t want to go through the process of first transferring it over your PC and then editing it an ordinary or as a similar software.

Well, there’s no need to worry in this article will explain to you how to remove background voices from the video so that you can experience amazing video.

This article will show you how you can remove annoying background noises from your right it on your Android.

First, you need to do is install three apps on your phone. Let’s see the next step now:

Tricks for Recording Noise Free Video in Android

Tricks for Recording Noise Free Video in Android
Tricks for Recording Noise Free Video in Android

1. Video to MP3 converter

2. Lexis audio converter

3. Kinemaster

Video to MP3 converter

– In order to remove background noise from the video you will first need to extract the audio track you can do that by opening a video in the video to MP3 converter app list open the app Tab on the large video to audio button give the app access to your internal storage and choose the video you want to convert in the following screen.

Make sure you select the MP3 format change the bitrate of the audio if you wish to and then hit, convert button the app will then take a couple of seconds to convert your video into an MP3 file.

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Lexus audio converter

– Once the video is converted you can switch over to lexis audio editor, where we will get rid of that pesky background noise stop now select the audio file you just converted from within the video to the MP3 folder and then tap on the 3 dot menu button in the top right corner.

In the drop-down menu, select effects and then scroll down to find the noise reduction option. Tab on it and in the following screen tap on apply to add the effect to your audio.

The default setting is good enough to remove most of the noise but you can obviously play around with the settings, week the effect asks for your preference you can easily preview the changes by changing the box next to the previous option and then tapping on the play button.

Once that’s done had back into the effects menu once again and select the compress option play the preview to check how it sounds with the effect and adjust the setting till you are satisfied with the result.

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Now we are done cleaning up the audio we will have to add back to the audio and for that, we will use Kinemaster but once before you switch over to the Data Tab on the save button in the top toolbar to save the changes you have made to the the


– open up the Kinemaster tap on the new project button and select the aspect ratio and in the following screen pick the original video by tapping on the baby option within the selection wheel to the right full stop once you have your video open you will need to mute the original audio so that it doesn’t interface with the edited audio crack.

So, tap on the video in the timeline then tap on the loudspeaker icon in the settings menu hair decrease the master Volume 20, and hit the back button in the top right corner. Now in the order to add the added audio track tap on the audio and save wheel scroll all the way down to the folder option and then choose the audio track with just edited.

Tap on the play button to check if everything sounds fine and then export the new video by selectively sharing the button in the left toolbar in the following menu you will be able to choose the resolution of the exported video along with the framerate and once you have that in place you just hit export to save the video and that’s it.

You have now successfully removed the background noise from your video well wraps it up.

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