Uber Booking will be Done through WhatsApp

Uber booking will be done through WhatsApp: All the countries today have progressed a lot in the field of technology. In such a situation, now another technology has developed in India.

Uber taxis can now be booked through WhatsApp Application in our country. Uber services can also be booked through WhatsApp in advance in many regions. Uber services from WhatsApp were started sometime back in the city of Lucknow.

Then now this technology is soon starting in all the locations of our country. Uber company says that with WhatsApp, you will be able to book Uber taxi services easily by sending an SMS to the chatbot in the WhatsApp application.

Uber booking through WhatsApp: No need to download the Uber application

Uber booking will be done through WhatsApp
Uber booking will be done through WhatsApp

The Uber company says that they want to make the difficult journey easier for all Indians. Uber company wants to make its journey easy and memorable for all users. To make it easier, we are allowing everyone to book Uber taxis through WhatsApp, Uber said. Now any user will not be obliged to download the Uber application. Everyone will be able to book a ride by registering with WhatsApp itself and you will also be able to get its trip receipt on WhatsApp.

Terms and conditions will remain the same as before

The Uber company says that anyone wants to book a ride or trip on the Uber applications or do it on WhatsApp applications, Uber company has said that we have not tampered with the terms and conditions of its services. All these rules will remain the same as before.

The terms and conditions for all types of safety services and insurance services will remain the same as before for all booked rides. You will get the driver’s name and license plate and pickup information via SMS in the booking done through WhatsApp applications. But the booking of rides through WhatsApp applications will be done in the English language only. The company said that we are going to bring it in more language very soon.

Know-How Book Uber Taxi on WhatsApp Application

In this article, you will know how to book Uber from WhatsApp

You can message Uber’s business account number.

Second, anyone can also scan a QR code.

The third and the last way all users can click on the direct link or book their ride.

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