Universal Health Coverage Day: New Invest In Health

Universal Health Coverage Day: Health is the most discussed topic across the globe in near past years. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the whole world had seen a lot of tragedies which was hard to see. The surge of deaths, infected persons, medical officials struggle, government baffling etc. we see in these years. For the sake of Universal Health Coverage Day, we are here to provide you with the agendas and other things the global committee had done. This day had much importance for all the global institutions like WHO, UNICEF etc. which made some promises every year to complete it and spread awareness.

Universal Health Coverage Day

Every Year International Universal Health Coverage Day was celebrated on 12th December to build a strong commitment to health structure and also for the better health status for multi-engaged partners. It was initiated on the golden day of 12 December 2012. The United Nations, General Assembly had made decisions for the upliftment of health coverage, they also appealed to all countries for participation and give a contribution to it because it is the prime need of the people. The motive is to provide every human with basic health care and infrastructure and become a part of international development.


In 2017, this day was recognised as Universal Health Coverage Day. United Nations declared this. They met every year on this day to share lollota ot of stories regarding the fallouts, needs, success and many agendas to get a fair view of the UHC. They also encourage the organizations and rich people to make various investments to achieve the goals of UHC by 2030. They also urge countries to manage proper investments in the health sector of their nations to get a ht health structure.

Universal Health Coverage Day
Universal Health Coverage Day

This Year what! on Universal Health Coverage Day

This year’s theme for UHC day is “Leave No One’s Health Behind: Invest In Health Systems For ALL”. On this day many Nations, NGOs, and organizations arrange events for awareness and to collect funds for the development of the sector. European Countries are arranging events why hehe they lift thee f sustainable health and also pour out theiss to motivate people for the Health system.

This year they mark the stories of the devastating deterioration of the world due to the Covid19 pandemic. Health Sector was broken. People found themselves helpless for their loved ones. Lack of Health Equipments and many more things we saw this year. The agenda was to get an eye on this to make various improvements for the theme to come true that no one will get behind for lack of proper treatment or tools.

We should also make some efforts for it.No matter whether is small or big. This is wholesome of Universal Health Coverage Day..

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