UPTET 2021 Paper Leak: Is Paper Canceled?

UPTET 2021 Paper Leak: Here was a hype of news in UP about the UPTET Paper Leak 2021 as the paper was canceled by the government of Uttar Pradesh because the question paper was leaked in various WhatsApp groups of cities like Mathura, Bulandshahar, Ghaziabad, etc.

On the serge of this, the government of Uttar Pradesh had suspended the examination controller under this case. The government found him guilty for not occurring the exam with full sanctity. Sanjay Upadhyay the examination controller arrested by the special task force in Uttar Pradesh.

UPTET 2021 Paper Leak
UPTET 2021 Paper Leak

UPTET 2021 Paper Leak?

This year the number of candidates was about 21 lakh who came to set their career through paper. The government has arranged about 2500 centers in 75 different districts of the states.

But the paper leak had ruined the exam. After the breakout, UP police had ordered to make a Special task force for the case investigation and to find the guilty people. Further investigation was held and they had countered about 30 people under arrest.

These 30 people work was from different things like 11 solvers, one teacher with an examinee. 3 more people were there from other solver gangs.

The sources said that paper was leaked around Saturday night before submitting to the treasury and found the roots in Delhi. Solver gangs get the paper at midnight on Saturday. Uttar Pradesh Cheif Minister found this matter a more serious concern and made immediate action under Gangster Act and National Security Act in the paper leak case.

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Government Action in UPTET 2021 Paper Leak

Uttar Pradesh government had taken strict actions against it. The arrest warrant was issued by the education secretary of the state Mrs. Anamika Singh founding the prime culprit for the paper leak. The paper occurred on 28 November.

After the further probe, the investigation committee had found one set of question papers, along with three mobile and six admit cards from the arrested ones by the special task force. In addition to it, the STF of the state and also arrested the director of the printing company Anup Prasad.

He was the head of the RSM Finserv Limited and got arrested on Tuesday. Police also stated that they had got about, 50 photocopies with some cash in shamli arrested people. They said they sold one copy of the paper for Rs 50000. The police had also said that they had put some people from 20 districts under a scanner. Police are strict in this probe to get whole people inside of it to get behind the bars.

This is the whole of the information about UPTET Paper Leak 2021. Please stay with us for more data and updates.

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