Vaccine Slot Finder on Paytm, Telegram

Vaccine Slot Finder
Vaccine Slot Finder

Vaccine Slot Finder on Paytm: We all know that the covid-19 is not completely over yet. And the third wave of covid 19 is ever more powerful. We need to take precautions by any means. In view of the third wave of covid, our government is engaged in completing the vaccination at the earliest.

For covid 19 vaccination, our government has started many types of campaigns. And the enthusiasm for vaccination can be clearly seen in all the countrymen.

All the people are getting their vaccination completed when their number comes. In such a situation, you should know where the vaccination is happening. Which vaccine is being applied in which area?

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People have to go out many times to find out about the vaccine slot. I would like to tell all of you, that by using your Android phone, you can know where the vaccination is happening. And you can also book your slot as well.

Which Vaccine to Get?

In different parts of our country, different brands of vaccines are being installed. That’s why you have to confirm in advance which vaccine you want to get. This includes brands like Covishield, Covaxin, Sputnik V, Pfizer.

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How to check Covid-19 Vaccine Slot on Paytm

All of you can easily check the vaccine slots on the Paytm app by reading this article of ours carefully. And you can book your vaccine slots.

1. You have to open the Paytm app on your mobile.

2. Now you have to scroll down and find and click on “Mini App Store”.

3. After this, you have to select “Vaccine Finder India”.

4. The page that will open in front of you. On that, you have to enter your pin code, and district. And choose your age between 18 to 45.

5. Now you have to check the available slots, which will be visible on your screen.

6. If you cannot find any slot in it, then you have to click on “Notify me when slots are available”, so that you can get a notification when the slot is available.

7. If you get a slot, you can easily book it and get vaccinated by visiting your Vaccine Center.

All of you can also check the spots of Kovid-19 by visiting the official website of the Cowin. And you can also easily book your slot from the website of “cowin.Gov”.And you can get the first or second dose according to your recruitment.

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