Virat Kohli Controversy, Fabindia and CEAT Boycott

Virat Kohli Controversy: Virat Kohli, the Indian cricketer, and well-known celebrity is heavily criticized for his recent video. This Controversy came into the limelight when Virat Kohli gave suggestions regarding Diwali suggestions.

Fabindia, famous for his clothing also criticized due to its recent advertisement. Let’s see all advertisement controversial issues one by one.

Virat Kohli Controversy
Virat Kohli Controversy

Fabindia: Jash- e -Riwaaz

Fabindia, the famous clothing company recently published a commercial advertisement on Diwali. The advertisement is full of Hindu traditions and even successful in showing what they want. But the controversies arise on its latest collection names as Jash e Riwaaz.

According to the guardian of culture, the word Jash e Riwaaz is not fit for the Hindu festival Diwali. They say that Diwali is a festival of Hinduism and one can’t use an Urdu word for the Hindu festival. But these people forget that they are not renaming the festival.

They just named the new collection and clothing line Jash e Riwaaz. And the name is just its new marketing campaign. They didn’t call diwali as Jash e Riwaaz.

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CEAT: “One should Burst Crackers in Society Rather than On-Road”

The next ad controversy is on CEAT. CEAT in its latest ad shows was to burst crackers. The message is shown in concern of Diwali. Aamir Khan is featured in the ad and gives the message. The message is One should burst crackers in society rather than on road.

The message is very sweet, simple, and in concern with public safety but some guardians of culture are unable to digest it. They said that who is Aamir khan to tell what a Hindu should do at the festival. Even they said that as Muslim he never says that Muslims should not do prayers on road.

Virat Kohli Controversy
Virat Kohli Controversy

Virat Kohli Controversy: Tips for Diwali festival got expensive

In the recent video that is published by famous cricketer Virat Kohli. In his video, he says that this is full of difficulties, Let move to Diwali and here I want to share some tips on Diwali. Then he shows some pictures of sweets and his traditional looks.

In this video he does not specify the tips on Diwali but simply says that he has tips that he did share. These words and the video is enough to target him and the trolling he faces is something just significant. Even it reached to that extent even some psychopath triggered and threatened his younger daughter.

What Shameful Comments on Virat Kohli Controversy

It is shameful for us to look at religion in languages. And the lowest level of communal politics. Some always try to paint every shape of Hindu and Muslim. Now they reached some extent that even they are looking Hindu- Muslim in languages.

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