West Bengal Health Scheme – Complete Details

West Bengal Health Scheme: This east side state of India has a large population and held a very important place for India. Its capital is Kolkata( Indian Metropolitan City) and the state is the biggest producer of Jute. To handle this huge population the Government has to take decisions and implications at regular intervals to maintain balance and take care of the People. On the path of this, the Government of West Bengal had launched the West Bengal Health Scheme. This initiative is intestate government.

West Bengal Health Scheme
West Bengal Health Scheme

West Bengal Health Scheme

This scheme was launched in 2008 by the nce Ministry had given its issuance for the scheme. This scheme is for the medical facilities given to state employees to take care of them. With time, the government had changed the sections.

This scheme offers costs of treatments in the state hospitals and holds the cost of OPD for 15 diseases. This scheme is also covered outside West Bengal in 9 selected hospitals. In the year 2014, the government of WB had made some changes which gives facilities of cashless indoor treatment up to 1 lakh. Now it is known as West Bengal Health for all Employees and Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme 2014.


  • It gives the facility inside and outside the state in some selected Hospitals.
  • They provide the indoor treatment cover of Rs. 100000 to the employees.
  • They provide OPD treatment also in some serious conditions.
  • In unselected hospitals also government gives some percentage of treatment.
  • expensive under the scheme guidelines.

The government had done the list of Surgeries with the Days Covered

Minor Surgeries with 1 day
Major Surgeries with a span of 7-8 days.
Some Special Surgeries for 12 days.
Cases under Child Birth had about 4 days.

This scheme was mainly supported by the retired or pensioners of the WB government. But in extension, the government had given these facilities to IAS, IFS, and IPS officers and also to retired AIS officers.

Benefits to these Officers

This scheme is given to their family members. Enrollment is entirely optional under the scheme 2008. Departments of Issuance is different for all the 3 officers. This scheme holds 1014 medical treatments. They get treatments under the All India Services( Medical Attendance) Rules 1954. If these officers had enrolled under the Central Government Health Scheme, then they lose their right to apply or avail of benefits in this.

This was all about the whole contribution made by the government for the selfless services by the employees to the public.

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