What happen to Indian TikTok Stars?

The short video platform TikTok was banned after its controversies. Since we talked so much about the bad side of TikTok but what about its good side. What about those who pay their bills by using TikTok as a source of income.

What happen to Indian Tik Tok Stars

Casteism on social media

Divya kandukuri , an Anti-caste activist she said that Instagram is a cafe and TikTok is just a canteen, According to her since the canteen serves better food but cafe cost is very high which cannot be afforded by everyone. According to the ground report of print, a boy said that such type of video on Tik Tok is made by lower caste. The boy also laughed at those Tiktokers and called them jokers. And due to this caste divide internet war arose known as YouTube versus Tik Tok.

How did Tik Tok become popular?

According to the CBO of Tik Tok, Tik Tok is used by 18-35 years old Indians and came from tiers 1 and 2. But Instagram is mostly used by urban centers. Also 52% of Tik Tok users only Rs 25,000 in a month.

The interface of Tik Tok: The interface of TikTok is very simple that can be even used by a child. The objective of Tik Tok is to increase the fan base. It got successful to convince people that they can become a celebrity. Only if they can attract the attention of the audience in 15 or 16 seconds. And this all happened due to the AI of TikTok.

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Easiness for creators: The vast and simple features of Tik Tok make it widely used by people. These features are not available on Instagram for Facebook it got popularity. It gives rise to extraordinary dancers, singers and actors.


TikTok VS Instagram

According to some experts, even Tik Tok was accessible, had a good interface, and was easy in nature by all. At the same time, Instagram gives you the feeling of being rich. Instagram will give you, the feeling of an expensive restaurant.

TikTok has no barrier of entry at all. But Instagram has a barrier of entry. According to Instagram, it doesn’t recognize much to the videos which are blurry, borders and watermarked, etc.

Since many creators can easily make videos on Tik Tok without any problem of video quality or resolution. But on Instagram creators have to do heavy expenses for the same as it gives more recognition to good quality videos. There are many alternatives to TikTok like taka Tak, Moj, etc. But according to creators they are unable to make that connection with the audience.

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