Why are Civilians Being Killed in Kashmir?

In today’s world where we feel secure. Specifically, in India where there is high security everywhere under the umbrella of brave armies. But still, there are places where people feel insecure. That state in Kashmir. So, Why are civilians being killed in Kashmir?

Civilians Being Killed in Kashmir

Before Revoking of Article 370 in Kashmir

As we all know that there is no implementation of Article 370 in Kashmir now. According to which Kashmir is no longer a special status part of India. It means now there is no longer a separate constitution or flag. Also due to this, there is a problem getting citizenship for non-Kashmiri residence. It also gave the feeling of fear to the Kashmiri Residence. Then why are civilians being killed in Kashmir?

According to the survey of 2011, the share of Muslims is 68% whereas Hindus are just at 28%. On 1st April 2020, new laws were implemented, according to which non-Kashmiri residence was also given citizenship, but at some constraints.

People had lived for 15 years in the region. And also studied in the region for seven years and passed 10th or 12th class. All these things gave hope to Kashmiri pandit that they may get a domicile certificate.

Civilians Being Killed
Civilians Being Killed in Kashmir

Settlers Colonialism Project

Many Kashmiri Muslims were worried about the democratic shift. And compared it with the Settlers Colonialism Project. Let’s know What is Settlers Colonialism Project?

When a native of a region was made minority by Colonial Forces like white European did with red Indians. Many Muslims believe that if the political landscape changes, the new residents will support BJP only and the traditional party will be irrelevant.

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Reasons of violence in Kashmir

Due to new laws and revoking of article 370 in Kashmir, many people want to stop this religious shift. Last year when TRF kills Satpal Nischal because he was a member of the Settlers Colonialism Project.

Abhinaash Paliwal, International Relations Expert said that in recent violence target people were of Bhartiya Janta Party BJP, Journalism, migrants, and police. Terrorists use people’s insecurity for violence in Kashmir.

Terrorism in Kashmir

These insecurities are developing due to network and Internet problems, Political Constraints, and compulsory tri-color hosting. And these unstructured ecosystem creates many problems. The recent killing hopes out the lives of Kashmir Minorities. Unfortunately, even tourists hesitate or think many times to Plan a trip to Kashmir.

Once there was a Durga pooja in Kashmir. In a celebration, some violent words went spread. That Hindu insulted the Khurana. These words are enough to spread hate and violence among people in Kashmir.

But we should learn from Bangladesh govt. The Bangladesh prime minister came in public and support Hindus. Also said that our religion may be different but festivals are same for all.

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