Why Squid Game is Getting Popular?

In an era of content, we watch a number of series and movies. But why squid game is getting popular and gaining our attention.


What’s so special about Squid Game

There is plenty of survival games, anime, video games, and tv shows, etc. But why is this one that really struck with mainstream appeal with the entire world? So let us look at the characters, story, and direction to understand that why is squid game getting popular. According to a survey, people like more death and tragedy games and videos than anything else. So taking this in mind they create this whole story to entertain us.

Theme and Story of Squid Games

Why Squid Game is Getting Popular?

In this series, they focus on real-world inequality and harships. A lot of times the primary goal of the genre is to attempt to escape together without killing anybody. But this is different they quite literally have the options to escape together.

But there are such desperate situations and so blinded by greed that they end up risking their lives. Despite knowing how likely it is that they will die.In the outside world, the game is present as a fair fight but in reality, it is not.

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The storyline teaches us many lessons that are one of the reasons why squid games are getting popular. In the story, the old actually survive the marbles game as he is the original game host for the Korean squid game. Also the need for money in the societies and risking of life. Most importantly the marketing strategies of makers make it more popular than it can be before it.

The games in the series are so simple that the audience can easily relate. The huge reason for this is due to the pandemic the creator even references. One of the reasons for squid game popularity is that everyone who lives in a capitalist society ends up in the same situation. The pandemic especially causes unemployment to rise dramatically.

Squid Game Learnings

India is a youth nation having skills and believes in themselves but what lack is their mindset and mentality. Everyone wants to be rich but no one wants to talk about it openly. In this popular series, we can see that how people hard work for the money they want. Also, it teaches us that we should lose our hope even at the last movement.

At last, most importantly money is not everything but something which can solve our problems. But the point to be noted is it should not earn unlawfully and unethically. Also, Money can give you everything but not mental peace.

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