Why We Feel Sad in the Cold Weather?

One who loves cold weather. They wait for a whole year when the cold comes and they enter the quilt and eat peanuts. Others, those who hate the name of cold. Their mood changes as the seasons change. Life seems a shade of gray just like the cold weather. The mind remains the sad question of why we feel sad in the cold.

Why We Feel Sad in the Cold?

Something similar happens with Kamini. As the weather changes, cold comes, their behavior changes. The mind remains sad. It’s like crying. Doesn’t want to do anything. Now he does not feel like this when it is sunny. For many years, Kamini did not pay attention to it, but last year she showed it to a therapist. There he came to know about SAD.

SAD means Seasonal Affective Disorder. Which is also known as winter depression. The surprising thing is that many people struggle with this, but they do not know why this is happening to them. That’s why Kamini wants us to talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder on health.

What is it, who happens to it, what are its symptoms, what is the treatment, ask all these questions to the experts? So if you are also one of those people who feel depression during the winter season, then know how to deal with it.


 What is Seasonal Affective Disorder and why?

Why We Feel Sad in the Cold
Why We Feel Sad in the Cold

Dr. Sameer Parikh tells us that Seasonal Affective Disorder is also called by some people Winter Depression. Which follows the pattern of the weather.

– It is not a separate disease in itself.

– In about 10-20 percent of people who have depression, episodes of depression follow the pattern of the weather.

– About 20-25 percent of people who have bipolar disorder, also have episodes of depression depending on the season.

-The name of Seasonal Affective Disorder suggests that

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– the onset of depression when the weather changes or in a particular season.

– There is a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger found in the body) called melatonin in the body, its role is also found in winter depression.

– Light therapy is given in countries where the cold lasts for a long time.

– As soon as the cold comes, the symptoms of this depression start showing.

– Symptoms are of depression but follow the weather.

It is not necessary that the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder come only in the cold, some people may have it in the rainy season, even in the summer. But in most people, it happens in cold weather.


– apathy

– low mood

– Not happy

– Feeling not well

– Not wanting to do anything

– Things that used to feel good to do, don’t feel good either

– feeling lonely

– negative thoughts

– helplessness

– life in the dark

– inability to focus

– affect appetite, sleep

– poor quality of life

– If these symptoms last for 2 weeks then it is called depression.

– Most people feel depression in cold, hence it is called winter depression.

– Especially in countries where the cold is long.

– Where there is less sunlight.

– Winter depression is seen more there.

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Its treatment is the same as that of depression because the reasons are also the same.

– Medicines are given to correct the imbalance of neurotransmitters such as serotonin.

– Cognitive-behavioral therapy, such as psychotherapy, where the psychologist talks to the patient.

– Work will be on their thinking, actions.

– Family therapy is done for the support of the family.

– Seasonal Affective Disorder is a disease.

– It is different from winter blues or monsoon blues.

– There is a dullness in the winter blues when the weather changes.

– This is not a dull disease.

– For it to be called a disease, it is necessary to feel the symptoms that have been described.

– If the winter blues are happening, then keep some special things in mind.

– Fix the routine.

– Fix the time of getting up in the morning.

– Don’t stop meeting people.

– Keep doing the things you love to do.

– To deal with the lethargy that comes in this season, fix your routine.

– Winter blues can be cured with your daily routine.

– Depression is a medical disease.

– For which it is necessary to take expert opinion.

– Because both medicines and psychotherapy have a role in it.

– As the doctor said, it is not necessary that Seasonal Affective Disorder should always be in the cold season, but yes, most people get it in the cold season only.

If you also feel the symptoms mentioned by the doctor, then do not ignore them as just a bad mood. This is a disease. Which is also treatable. So take expert advice.

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